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Celebrities Join The Cause For Healthier Living

He even, with the help of Lashes, released a rap album. Boston said he believes theres a little bit of scumbag in everybody. He became Scumbag Steve folklore, Lashes said. But whats in the future for Lashes? Hes always had an eye for Trollface , so perhaps thats on the menu. Most of his time, though, is dedicated to one famous little sourpuss: Grumpy Cat. <br>Source:

MY Lifestyle Extra was the website only multimedia team invited to a special fundraiser in the Hamptons area of New York state hosted by New York Times bestselling author Doctor Neal D. Barnard, and featuring top celebrities like Actors Alec Baldwin and Marilu Henner. The cause was to raise money for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a non-profit organization responsible for the Vegetariano En 21 Dias campaign to help Latinos test the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Click on the video to learn why Barnards latest book Power Foods for the Brain has people talking. Plus, celebrities share their thoughts on changing the way we get our food and making better choices. Also, stay tuned for our weekly travel destination. MY Lifestyle Magazine is a boutique publication for chic bicultural Latinos. From health, beauty, travel, entertainment and fashion, this national publication reveals all the latest cultural styles and trends. <br>Source:

12 Celebrities Still Going Strong In Their 80s

Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood has been on screen since the 1950s and hasn't stopped since. At the age of 82, he gave a memorable performance at the Republican National Convention. Sean Connery Although he no longer boasts that trademark James Bond smirk on his face, Sean Connery is still having tons of fun. A major tennis fan, Connery is featured here at the 2012 U.S. Open where he personally congratulated fellow Brit Andy Murray. Roger Moore Best known for playing James Bond, Roger Moore, 85, is still performing today. <br>Source:

Gloria Allred sues Kanye West, rips celebrities who defend him

She wrote that the case was declined after investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department 's robbery-homicide division presented its findings in the matter and a video of the incident was visit this page reviewed. The prosecutor said an attempted robbery charge was declined because there was insufficient evidence of any "specific intent." She added that felony assault charges were rejected because the victim did not sustain significant injuries. The prosecutor noted that the read more... videographer's camera was not booked into evidence and so "it is unknown whether it was damaged, therefore vandalism charges were not considered." Allred said Ramos had simply asked to talk to the singer. West, she said, initially ignored him, but then turned toward the videographer. "Then without provocation, Mr. <br>Source:,0,6960690.story

10 celebrities who are actually worth following on Twitter

Conan O'Brien ( @ConanOBrien ) Conan O'Brien delivers nightly monologues on his TBS late-night show, but his frequently hilarious Twitter feed offers the same kind of humor in bite-sized chunks all day. No matter how many Back to School sales I scope out, I cant seem to find one decent Breaking Bad lunch box. Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) August 15, 2013 President Obama said hes urging his daughters not to get caught up trying to act like celebrities. Hes particularly worried about Sa$ha. Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) August 5, 2013 Anthony Weiner said, More will come out. Just how long is this guys penis? Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) July 26, 2013 10. Kanye West ( @kanyewest ) Kanye West sometimes goes weeks without offering the world a single tweet but when he does tweet, you don't want to miss it. <br>Source:

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Kris Jenner Talks Kim Kardashian's Post-Baby Body And Why She's

'And for me and your daughter we have not attempted to get paid for anything, we have not attempted to put it on a magazine.' He said he decided to share the cute image of his baby on Kris's show because he wanted to please little North's grandmother. 'You just stop all of the noise and I thought it would be really cool on her grandmother's season finale to bring a picture of North,' he said. It was then when he shared the snap, much to the delight of a cheering audience. During the interview, Kris asked Kanye whether he hopes baby North will follow in her father's footsteps and become a 'rapper'. We get along! <br>Source:

And according to insiders the TV star has felt the need to seek some advice from fellow celeb mum Beyonce as she adjusts to her new role. Kim gave birth to daughter Nori with boyfriend Kanye West by her side in June. With the star only spotted in public once since then and the first photo of North going public this week, Kim is obviously keen to adjust to her new parental role in private. It sounds like the star is finding the big change a bit tough though and according to sources she's turned to someone who understands exactly what she's going through- Beyonce. Kim Kardashian has been seeking advice from fellow celeb mum Beyonce, insiders suggest (WENN) The hit-maker gave birth to her own daughter Blue Ivy under the public gaze and apparently her advice has been a great source of comfort to Kim, who has been left to her own devices as busy Kanye heads back to work. "Bey and hubby Jay-Z went to see Kim while Kanye was away to see how she was coping," a source revealed to Star Magazine in the UK. "Bey saw how fragile Kim has become. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick quitting ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians?’

Like the finest club, Twitter is happening. So Jenner knew that if she wanted the Jennerate dynamic shrieking, Twitter was where the image had to be. More Technically Incorrect It's hardly a wonder that Facebook is reportedly wondering whether to have a special mobile app for the exclusive use of celebrities . The minute you push out a tweet, the world sees it scroll into view and breaking news feels like a fragrant shower after a day loading boxes into a moving van. The art of Twitter is that it can remain both glamorous and stoically newsy and argumentative, all within competing breaths. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian and North West Baby Pics Side by Side—See the Resemblance!

Yet and still Beyonce is one of the sexiest women to ever grace a stage. Take a look at the sexiest pictures of Beyonce ever! Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian Spotted Filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashianwere spotted out yesterday in Sherman Oaks, Calif., taping for their new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The Kardashian sisters took a trip to Underwater Depot to buy a fish tank and then took their crew to Sweet Hearts, where they picked up a couple things to fulfill their sweet [...] Chris Browns Girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and Ex-Girlfriend, Friends? Chris Browns girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, was recently spotted hanging out with Chris Browns ex-girlfriend and fellow model, Draya Michele. <br>Source:

And we have to say, she's pretty darn adorable and looks quite a bit like her glamorous reality TV star mommy. Kardashian, 32, and West, 36, have been living in Jenner's home since the June 15 arrival of their baby girl, while their new home is being renovated. They've been seldom seen in public. PHOTOS: Meet the Kardashians North was spotted a few times with her parents but was always fully covered when she was out for a doctor's appointment and to attend her great-grandfather's funeral in Oklahoma. Kardashian, the frequently photographed " Keeping Up With the Kardashians " star, has also kept a low profile as she reportedly attempts to shed her baby weight and keep her daughter out of the spotlight. West taped the segment on Jenner's show Monday and it aired Friday. <br>Source:,0,4700959.story

23, 2013, 12:45 PM EST WENN Rapper Kanye West has opened up about the first time he met girlfriend Kim Kardashian and instantly fell in love. WestAsat down with hisAKris Jenner to tape an interview, which aired on her talk show "Kris" on Friday, and revealed it was love at first sight when he met her daughter. He told Jenner, "I'm trying to remember if it was her being in the studio when she was Brandy's assistant and I think she brought us in something to drink, something you can't drink on daytime television, or it might have been when I was doing Brandy's video. I remember asking my manager like, 'Who's that girl right there?' and he's like, 'Oh you mean Kim?'" West proclaimed he knew Kardashian was "the one" and spent the next few years pursuing her, despite the fact they were both in other relationshipsA-- she romanced Reggie Bush and briefly wed basketball star Kris Humphries, while he dated model Amber Rose. He says, "I remember seeing pictures of her, I think she was in Australia with Paris Hilton, and reading her name and telling my friends like, 'Man, have you ever seen Kim Kardashian?'" West eventually cast her as Star Wars character Princess Leia in his failed TV pilot "Alligator Boots," and finally plucked up the courage to speak to her one day on set. He explains, "I remember I had this TV show that had puppets in it, like a modern day Jim Henson vibe, and we were doing this skit where I was playing, like, a 'Star Wars' character and I wanted her to be Princess Leia because she was my dream girl. <br>Source:

North West debuts; Kanye West talks Kim Kardashian, baby girl

I think she's an inspiration to people that have to realize that you don't just have a baby and, boom, you have your body back on Friday. You know?" Aside from eating right and working out, Kardashian has also chosen to breastfeed her 10-week-old daughter, North. "She's nursing a baby," watch Kim Kardashian tape the talk show host added during the Thursday interview, "and I told her, 'You're feeding another human being. You're her sole source of nutrition. So relax and enjoy it.' She's having the greatest experience so I'm happy for her ... <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian Forces Kanye West To Appear On Kris Jenner’s Talk Show

The rapper tried to contain his enthusiasm for his relationship during the interview, and told Kris he wouldn't pull the move Tom Cruise once did on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," when the actor was madly in love with Katie Holmes. "I just dreamed about being next to her, and... I keep saying it -- I don't want to start jumping up and down on the couch or anything," he said. "Oh please, that would be so fabulous," Kris added. Friday's episode is the final episode of "Kris'" limited, six-week run on select Fox stations across the country. Copyright 2013 by NBC Universal, Inc . <br>Source:

Kardashian mom chooses Twitter to reveal baby pic

23, 2013 1:40 PM PDT Loading... Instagram; Twitter After just over two months of waiting, we've finally gotten to see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 's baby North West ! The 36-year-old rapper debuted the first photo of their daughter on Kris Jenner 's talk show earlier this morning. In the adorable pic, little Nori stares into the camera with her large piercing eyes while reaching towards the camera. It's clear Nori already has her mom's signature dark hair. But who does baby North resemble more: dad Kanye or mama Kim? <br>Source:

Search Results for 'kim kardashian '

If catch todays episode of Kris, youll get to watch Kanye West get grilled by the Kardashian momager, but rumor has it that Kim Kardashian made Kanye go on the show. According to Life & Style Magazine , Kris Jenner threw a tantrum because none of her family members would do the show. A source told the magazine that after Jenner had a meltdown over the lack of support from her family: Kris said, Kim, you have to come on the show for the finale. But Kim really doesnt feel ready to do that, so she begged Kanye to do it for her. Initially, West did not want to go on the talk show, but after some negotiations, he decided he would do it. He reluctantly agreed as long as there was a list of things they could and couldnt talk about and that it was filmed in advance so that he could see the edited segment, the insider added. West will be chatting about his relationship with Kim Kardashian, as well as debuting a picture of baby North. <br>Source:

Kanye West On Kim Kardashian: 'She's My Joy'

22. Jenner reveals that neither Kim nor Scott are going anywhere, which makes fans happy as Kim is the backbone of the show, and Scott is the comic relief/sometimes villain. Kim is definitely doing Keeping Up With the Kardashians, says Kris Jenner, who also added, No! Of course were doing Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Its what we love to do, when asked if Scott Disick was leaving in pursuit of an acting career. It looks like, for now, Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick are both continuing to film the hit E! <br>Source:

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Movie channels are an unavoidable part of a media plan: Neeraj V

To a large extent, yes! We have to figure a smart way of doing it. One of your competitors, ZEE, recently claimed of taking a step in that direction through its new movie channel. Are you trying to match up? No. <br>Read more:

Chatwing Announces Movie Chat Network Possibility in Three Months

His blog post Monday wondered if it would be so bad if Disney showed how clownfish often change sex. Yes, in real life, Nemo might become a woman. Clownfish are sequential hermaphrodites , which helps keeps the species going by keeping the number of adult females and males fairly equal. All young clownfish become male. And after they pair off, the dominant dude becomes a female. <br>Read more:

New Star Wars movie delayed: Newest Star Wars movie pushed back to December 2015

19. Although no official word has been released yet, Star Wars VII, due to hit theatres in 2015, had the presumed release date of May, following suit with all six films that preceded it. According to badassdigest , multiple sources are reporting that Disney and Lucasfilm have December circled on their calendars, with a mid-month release the 15th being most likely. That would take Star Wars out of the crowded summer and, more importantly, give [director] JJ Abrams and company a couple more months to work on a movie that's already running a tighter schedule than most of the other Star Wars films. Since every other Star Wars film has been released in May, symbolically this is a big deal. May 25, 1977 saw the original Star Wars movie start up a decades long passion for the beloved characters and storylines. <br>Read more:

As Woz, Kutcher Spar Over 'Jobs,' The Movie, Check Out These Apple Videos, Books, Films Instead

Upcoming movies, actors, actresses, behind-the-scenes, production costs, reviews, and adaptationsthese are the expected topics for the movie chat network. Its a really big preparation that we are pushing out. The company will create several blog posts regarding the upcoming movie chat network. Through these posts, web users will gain important information about the network and other facets of the Chatwing tool. About specializes in the new field of website chat. Over the years, the Chatwing team has introduced live chat widget for hundreds and thousands of blogs. The Chatwing application bridges people from many parts of the world, creating global synergy through the Internet. The shout box can be installed in just seconds, and it can be used for varying purposes such as leisure and Internet marketing. <br>Read more:

Apple Teases Mac Pro in New Movie Theater Ads

showing of Jobs at a Cupertino, California, multiplex just down the road from Apples headquarters, Kim Kardashians boobs I walked into a mostly empty theater. For the next 30 minutes, as infomercials for Microsofts Surface tablet, Samsungs Galaxy S4 and the HTC One filled the screen, people started trickling in until there were about 200 of us waiting to see Ashton Kutcher playing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The lack of a line for an Apple-related event in the heart of Silicon Valley the day after its nationwide release wasnt my first clue that the movie might not be pics of Kim Kardashian a summer blockbuster. I live down the street from the house and garage where Jobs started Apple with Steve Woz Wozniak, and got an early glimpse of the script last year. And I watched some of the filming at the Apple garage, surrounded by teenage girls hoping to get Kutchers autograph (he pretty much stayed away from the crowds), so I knew an Oscar might not be in the films future. Then there were the early reviews of the biopic , which made its debut at the Sundance Kim Kardashian married Film Festival back in January. <br>Read more:

If it were scientifically accurate, 'Finding Nemo' would be a different movie

Really," tweeted 9to5Mac editor Scott Buscemi . That's Apple's latest marketing effort marketing tease, really for the to-be-released redesign Kim Kardashian website of its Mac Pro. The company is slapping teasers for the cylindrical computer as part of a movie theater advertising push, publishing the fact that the updated system is expected to arrive in fall of this year. We don't have a copy of the movie theater ad, but we've embedded Apple's original teaser from this year's WWDC at the bottom of this post if you'd like Kim Kardashian height and weight a little visual refresh of the unique tweaks Apple's made to the Mac Pro. While it's unclear as to what Apple's Mac Pro might ultimately cost, be prepared to spend a not-so-insignificant amount if you're interested in picking up one of the systems. It's been widely reported that the raw cost of materials within the system itself the entry-level edition, as it were could come in at just around $2,800. <br>Read more:,2817,2423245,00.asp

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'This Magic Moment' a movie romance on Hallmark Channel (Photos)

Her ex-boyfriend, aging movie hunk Roberto Molinez (Vincent Spano - "Sangue Caldo") co-stars in the movie and arrives along with the cast and crew to the small town of Stone's Throw where they shoot on location. Clark Gable explains to Helena that his father owned the local movie theater and named him after the "Gone with the Wind" actor. Clark finds himself in a love triangle when Helena befriends him. Clark's ex-girlfriend Emily MacIntyre (Alaina Huffman - "SGU Stargate Universe") becomes part of another love triangle when she meets Roberto and sparks fly. Helena is a glamorous movie star, but she has a reputation for being a very nice and down-to-earth person. visit the website When she and Roberto arrive in town she pretends to be over their romance, but she still has feelings for her cheating ex-boyfriend. Helena and Clark form an unlikely friendship and she asks Clark to pretend to be her love interest to make Roberto jealous. <br>Source:

Movie Review: Lee Daniels' The Butler

Within a specified chat network, web users can discuss anything they wantas long as the topics are related to the networks niche. Chatwings chat networks are also essential in reaching important target audiences. In any chat network, Chatwing users can share their own chat rooms , websites, blogs, and even forums. The window for the creation of the movie chat network is up to three months, since we have other features coming up, Says Mike Diamond, a lead developer for Chatwing. They can talk about lots of stuff in the movie chat Kim Kardashian weight network. Upcoming movies, actors, actresses, behind-the-scenes, production costs, reviews, and adaptationsthese are the expected topics for the movie chat network. Its a really big preparation that we are pushing out. The company will create several blog posts regarding the upcoming movie chat network. <br>Source:

Starring Ashton Kutcher in the title role, the film is essentially an unauthorized take on the infamous tech visionary. Another movie, based on Walter Isaacsonspopular biography Steve Jobs which included the cooperation of Jobs, his family and the company is in development with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin attached to write, but no projected release date for that film has yet been given. Judging by the reviews for Jobs, there still may be plenty of room for another film treatment. As of Friday morning, Jobs is carrying a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 26% meaning about three quarters of the reviewers tabulated have given the flick a Thumbs Down. The RT rating among so-called top critics was even lower at 20%. The movie also didnt fare well with the affable Steve Wozniak, who was portrayed in the film by Josh Gad of The Book of Mormon fame. In a blog posting on Gizmodo , Wozniak called the acting good and said he was attentive and entertained but not greatly enough to recommend the movie. And he denied the claim that hes criticizing this movie because he is serving as a paid consultant on the Steve Jobs project. I felt bad for many people I know well who were portrayed wrongly in their interactions with Jobs and the company. <br>Source:

Steve Jobs movie slammed by critics — and Woz

Coolidge, a trouper, practically bursts a hamstring trying to save every scene shes in. On the weedy grounds of Austenlands English estate, where fake deer are set up in the background and faux pheasants are shot, Jane (pseudonym: Ms. Erstwhile) is given a choice between surly Mr. Nobley (JJ Feild) or fey Col. Andrews (James Callis). Arriving dramatically midvisit is Kim Kardashian reggie bush Capt. <br>Source: Kim Kardashian bra size ></a>

Movie poster artist Drew Struzan gets the doc treatment

EDT August 16, 2013 A new documentary examines the career of artist Drew Struzan. (Photo: SHARE 78 CONNECT 20 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE When I look at a Drew Struzan poster, I'm immediately transported to my childhood. Struzan is the artist Kim Kardashian wedding behind some of the most iconic hand-painted movie posters of all time, from the Star Wars franchise to the Back to the Future movies to the Indiana Jones films. (He also did The Goonies, the Harry Potter movies, E.T., Hook ... flip through this gallery for a flashback.) It was only a matter of time before Struzan received the documentary treatment. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster features interviews with some of his very famous fans, including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford and Guillermo del Toro. Here's the trailer: &amp;lt;!--iframe--&amp;gt; Most of today's movie posters seem like bad Photoshop jobs and aren't terribly awe-inspiring. <br>Source:

10 Powerful Quotes From The Steve Jobs Movie And What They Teach Us About Leadership

As Daniels will attest, the movie was never meant to be a blockbuster. It was pulled together by a committed team of people who felt strongly about the story needing to be told. Well,"Lee Daniels' The Butler"isn't great. It has many issues, but do not discount this movie for its missteps. The story follows Cecil Gaines from his childhood in the cotton fields to his tenure as butler in the White House. The character is very loosely based on the gentleman Eugene Allen, who served under eight presidents. <br>Source:

‘Austenland,’ movie review

Hewlett gave Jobs the parts and a summer job. Youve got to be willing to crash and burn. If youre afraid of failing, you wont get very far, Jobs once said. Most people never pick up the phone and call. Most people never ask, and thats what separates the people who do things from the people who just dream about them. Ive rarely interviewed a successful entrepreneur or CEO who hasnt risked failure. <br>Source:

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Kim Kardashian: Katie Couric Is a `Fake Media Friend'; Obama Als

Talking about the American Dream Obama said "Were there things that all of us might have liked to have? Sure. But partly, I think, there also has been a shift in culture. We weren't exposed to things we didn't have in the same way kids these days are. There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Kids weren't monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success." This didnt sit well with Kris Jenner who defended Kim Kardashian and Kanye West by saying "I bet the president has some friends with 10,000-square-foot houses and you probably wouldn't mind going over there, Mr. <br>Source:

Instead of the usual thank-you, Kim called Katie out on her alleged fakeness. Must Read Sponsorship Link IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkSh*t, Kim added the hashtags. If youre wondering whats Kims beef with Katie is, its apparently due to the latters interview with In Touch magazine the day before, in which she said of the Kardashian clan, I dont understand why are they so famous? I think its mostly teenage girls that are interested. Kim seemed to take offence in Katies words, so she deemed the gift a fake gesture. However, Katie insisted that she was being genuine, and that her comment was taken out of context. Ive met Kim before and I think shes a really sweet person. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian: Baby North Sighting!

Related Stories Kim Kardashian, Kanye West name daughter North West - but omit middle name from baby's birth certificate A happy Kim Kardashian surfaced in public for the first time since having her baby, taking the newborn to a doctor appointment with boyfriend Kanye West . Wearing a denim shirt, tight black leggings and Minnetonka Woodstock suede fringe boots, the new mom and her baby daddy showed up at daughter Norths pediatricians office Wednesday. But the much-anticipated public debut of the baby was under wraps. The infant was in her car seat, covered up by a white blanket as a nanny carried her from the parking garage into the doctors Los Angeles office. SGGS/AKM-GSI Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were spotted taking their baby to the doctor on Wednesday. At one point, a smiling West, wearing a pair of $700 Trussardi 1911 fringe suede sneakers, stopped to tie a sweater around Kardashians waist and take a large $20,000 Hermes leather bag she had been lugging. <br>Source:

"As a moth"? She called her a moth. That's just rude. "And may I humbly suggest you continue the K tradition for na"? I mean, I can fill in the blank, but I don't know if Kim can. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian's Beau, Kanye West Booed at Dodgers’ Game; Robert Thicke Gets Loud Ovation [PHOTOS]

The care package, however, didn't seem to sit well with the new mommy. She captioned the snapshot of the gift using the hashtags, "#IHateFakeMediaFriends" and "MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkSh-t." Well, then. So what could the newscaster have done to leave such a bad taste in Kim's mouth? Well, just yesterday, Katie spoke out publically about her real feelings towards the Kardashiansand she wasn't exactly kind with her words. In an interview with In Touch magazine, Katie let it slip that she isn't a fan of the famous more information family. "I don't understandwhy are they so famous?" she said. <br>Source:

#KanyeWatch," Arash also noted. Was it the upgraded seats or the Kardashians are just plain happy these days that Rob didnt sound bothered by the where can I watch Kim Kardashian tape incident, either. The tweet has already been deleted but Mirror Online thought that maybe the news that his other brother-in-law, Kourtney Kardashians partner, Scott Disick has proven that he is still the father and not the model who claimed its his. Just plain complicated. Whats clear however, is Kanye got booed but not Robert Thicke. The ESPN correspondent also tweeted that the singer got quite a different reception. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian Is Hashtag-Pissed at "Fake Media Friend" Katie Couric

However, Star has spoken to two Kardashian insiders for a baby update. North is absolutely the most beautiful baby in the world! says one source, who has held the two-month-old. She has Kims eyes and they are incredible and very distinct. She has glowing skin. You can see bits and pieces of Kanyein her face, but she definitely has Kims looks. The description matches that of another source who said that baby Nori is adorable and looks a little bit like Kourtney [Kardashian's] son Mason when he was that young. <br>Source:

Katie Couric apologises to Kim Kardashian for 'hurting her feelings' and insists her gift to baby North 'was genuine'

News . 'I was responding to a reporter's question, and explaining how I'm intrigued by the public's fascination with her family. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. The gift is genuine, and I'm happy for Kim and Kanye.' The 32-year-old new mother had posted a picture of baby clothes and a note sent by Katie and asked her not to 'talk s**t' if she's going to pretend to be nice. Kim also included the hashtags: 'I Hate Fake Media Friends' and 'May I Humbly Suggest You Not Send Gifts Then Talk Sh*t.' The offending comments were made by the former Today Show anchor in an In Touch article published Wednesday. 'Why are they so famous?' The 32-year-old reality star was furious after the 56-year-old journalist sent a baby gift after questioning her family's massive fame in a recent interview #IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit Sex tape star: Perhaps Kardashian's anger at the daytime talk show host stems from an insecurity about her real-life fame roots 'I dont understand why are they so famous? <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Baby No. 2 Weeks After North West? Kanye's Girlfriend Could Get Married With A Bump, According To Reports [VIDEO]

This week's edition of Life & Style magazine speculates that the reality star is expecting her second child with Kanye West , just weeks after giving birth to baby North. Follow Us Already, several other reports expressed doubt over this Kim Kardashian pregnancy report. As WetPaint noted, Kim Kardashian had a health scare during her first pregnancy. Most notably, she was rushed to the hospital in March when she feared she was having a miscarriage. The website also noted that Kanye West, the father of Kardashian's reported second baby, has been busy promoting his new album. Between that and the couple's efforts taking care of young Nori, we doubt Kim and Kanye had any time for lovemaking in recent weeks. <br>Source:

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